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Recipe for independence 

Cook and live how you want! 

We emancipate through cooking

We empower

The first step to independence is strong self-esteem. We strengthen the readiness to make decisions, build awareness of our own skills, support the belief that by acting, we can change something for the better and the conviction that our opinion is important.

We cook

We arouse interest in food and the world. We show you how to eat and support our planet. We develop creativity, invite to try new flavors and courage to try new things. We create the strength of the community of the table.

We teach

Together, we look for solutions on how to peel an onion, but also how to make something out of nothing, how to shop, how to listen and how to work with others. We teach young people, educators and volunteers. Chefs teach with us, and we all learn from young people.

Our youth 

Life after foster care 

Every year, about 2,000 adult pupils leave the walls of institutional orphanages. They are to start a new life in which they cannot find themselves. They are twice as likely to be unemployed as their peers, and 90% of them exhibit symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder often seen in soldiers). Most do not believe in themselves.

kids between 14 and 18 years old 
children in foster care 
emancipated from foster care 
fundacja warsztaty gotowanie kuchnia garnki

Katia Roman-Trzaska 

A pioneer in children’s cooking education. The founder of the first and the largest cooking school for children in Poland, Little Chef. Since 2007, she proves that the kitchen is a school where you can learn history, geography, maths and foreign languages. An extraordinary person and the heart of the foundation, full of empathy, energy and optimism.

kobieta założycielka fundacji

Zuzanna Skoczek 

A specialist in turning words into action. She believes that great ideas can only be implemented through cooperation, so at night she dreams of a multifunctional platform connecting ideas with those who want to implement them. She turns culinary workshops into soft skills training with an extraordinary sense of humor. She passionately studies maps and chooses the most difficult routes in order to descend from them and find the least obvious exits.

iga pietrusińska
Board Member

Iga Pietrusińska 

A specialist in releasing creative potential, passionate about nature and inner peace. In the foundation, she deals with communication and program development. She cares for the well-being of volunteers and the team and patiently raises the digital competences of workshop participants. Foundation’s third eye — introduces peace and sustains meaning.

Foundation in numbers 

Our reach 

mapa ikona biała

6 voievodships

26 orphanages

ikona glowa wiedza

120 care-takers

400 young adults

Recipe for independence 

Support our youth! 

Thanks to your regular payments, we can reach young people who are just taking their first steps in adult life.

Samodzielność od kuchni 

Wesprzyj samodzielność! 

Dzięki Twoim regularnym wpłatom możemy docierać do młodzieży, która właśnie stawia pierwsze kroki w dorosłym życiu.

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Your donation will be given to the organization of a meeting in a training apartment, educational workshops for educators or workshops for young people.

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