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SOK Foundation

SOK Foundation is running large scale psychosocial support programs for children affected by war and teaching Polish as a second language to get Ukrainian children ready for school in Poland, two first-order needs since Ukraine came under attack and refugees began coming to Poland by the millions.

800,000 children arrived in Poland since the start of war in Ukraine. It is estimated that 400,000 of them will start the new school year in Poland. Our work focuses on helping them get thru war trauma and teaching Polish to help them feel at home in Poland. All summer we are training language instructors to start teaching Polish as a second language in Polish. The program includes elements of MHPSS (mental and psychosocial support) to help with PTSD and war trauma. Help us by donating.

Refugee centers

Reception points

Integration workshops

Workshops for kids in refugee centers

Ossa Hotel, which is now in use as a 600-bed orphanage for displaced Ukrainian children and youth in institutional care.  Every Friday we are there with a day of various workshops.

We work with groups from 3 to 12 years old and create a program for them that includes:

– physical integration – we are supported by Gym Generation and their trainers from Ukraine

– artistic education – a pilot workshop was conducted for us by Marina Hulia, initiator of the Children from Brest Railway Station project

– culinary and sensory workshops

– breathing and mindfulness practices for children

Why are such workshops important? Because children, in order to deal with emotions and trauma, which unfortunately is already embedded in their life experience, need a safe space for their natural expression. Being in touch with trauma informed trainers and carers allows them to feel noticed and heard.

Your donation makes a difference.

It will help us cover educators fee, transportation and materials.

Welcome packs

Welcome packs are the first aid that we can offer to people staying at reception points.

They include packed food, water, underwear, cosmetics, and a leaflet in Ukrainian with all the essential informations. We pack them in comfortable backpacks, because many people at reception points do not have anything more than a plastic bag with them.

We prepare separate sets for children and adults.

The cost of 1 welcome pack is 50 zł / 12 USD, we are planning to deliver 5000 of them by the end of June. We need 55.000 to make it happen.

Help us make it happen

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If you want your employees to volunteer with us, write to Iga: [email protected]

Food for refugee centers

We deliver fresh products and ready meals to refugee centers in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Over a ton of food every week. We work with professional chefs, cook in professional kitchens to ensure safe, healthy meals. 

Many ingredients are donated by our corporate and private partners. Many costs remain – electricity, packaging, some equipment, gas.

Your donation makes a difference.

It will help us cover bills, transportation and storage.

Our partners:

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