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Polish classes at Ukrainian School

Polish classes

Ukrainian school opened for 270 children and all the Polish lessons (3hrs per week for every class) are organized and funded by SOK Foundation.

Train the trainer program

Polish as a foreign language courses

We organize a two-week course for teachers that consists of 20 hours of lectures and 20 hours of workshops and consultations, including a course of conducting a series of breathing exercises that improve concentration, reduce stress, and support building mental resilience. The methodological course aims to present the basics of working with foreigners, in particular working with children and students from Slavic countries. The course will include a presentation of methods used in foreign language learning, teaching techniques for specific language skills, teaching materials, as well as techniques of motivating and assessing. The emotional regulation component will provide teachers with tools to support the functioning of refugee children in a new environment and exceptionally difficult life circumstances.

8 week program for schools and organizations

Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support

SOK Foundation's program is preparing social workers, schools counselors and teachers to lead an 8 week long support group program for children. Psychosocial care and support is about helping children, families and communities to improve their psychosocial well- being. It is about encouraging better relationships between people, and building a stronger sense of self and community. It is expressed through caring and respectful relationships that communicate understanding, tolerance and acceptance. It is about promoting everyday consistent care and support in the family, school and community.

Refugee Shelter Ossa program

Ukrainian children from orphanages

Since the beginning of military action, thousands of orphans were evacuated together with their guardians from Kharkiv, Kherson, Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Poltava, Volyn, Zhytomyr. The youngest children are one year old. Ossa Refugee Shelter, currently the biggest orphanage in Europe, hosts 600 kids. Since the beginning of March 2022, SOK Foundation organizes for them various workshops such as: mindfulness, sports, cooking, arts and crafts.

Program for schools and organizations

Polski na spokojnie / Polish at ease

Project implemented in cooperation with the Qzmianom Foundation. It is a Polish language course for refugee children from Ukraine residing in Warsaw. The course lasts 4 weeks and includes 20 lesson hours. Teachers conducting the course ``Polish at ease`` will receive remuneration, as well as the necessary teaching materials: textbooks for Polish as a foreign language written by experienced teachers and the best glottodidacticians in the country; scenarios for practical classes; teaching materials necessary for the classes, including, for example, tickets to the museum or on public transportation. The project included classes to equalize the Polish language for children attending Warsaw schools. Teachers were additionally able to participate in a 2-week free training course for teachers of Polish as a foreign language with an emotional regulation component, conducted by experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language and psychoeducation trainers in an online format. The addressees of the training are teachers of foreign languages, Polish language, as well as other specialists functioning in educational structures and cultural institutions, and all those wishing to support Ukrainian children in learning our language and culture, which will facilitate integration in the Polish environment and integration into the Polish educational system in the next school year. As part of the training, each participant received a package of textbooks and teaching aids to support the work of the lecturer. The project is implemented with the support provided by the Office of Education of the City of Warsaw. Implementation of the public task is possible thanks to financial support provided by the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF.

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