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New dates 

Trainings for care-takers 

How to start cooking in foster care, how to encourage people to try new things and how to organize it.

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We engage restaurateurs and chefs, entrepreneurs and family support centers.

About us 

How we operate 

We connect those who need help with those who can help. Knowing how to cook boosts self-esteem exponentially. Having a basic life skill, like cooking makes people feel like they have some control over their lives even if it’s in a small way.


3rd Birthday! 

We are supported by wonderful people. Thank you for your help!

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fundacja samodzielnosc od kuchni urodziny


Another partner joined our home appliances collection.

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Work with us! 

Are you a restaurateur? Do you run a local business? Are you a care-taker? Do you want to carry out a project in your commune? Or maybe you are working in an NGO and would like to cooperate with us? Get in touch!

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